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Max & Sophie

max & Sophie




Hi I'm Sophie and I used to be a Secondary History teacher before I quit to travel around in a van! 


I'm a bit of a nerd who loves films and ancient history, I'm always berating Max for not picking up on my very 'cool' film references...


I'm loving converting the van, (well, I'm loving dreaming about travelling while slogging through the conversion!) and cannot wait until we hit the 'building' stages. I'm fed up with ripping things out and doing mechanics - lets build a bed!


I'm most looking forward to visiting some amazing historical places in our van and being able to start working again at festivals. I miss people! I hope you enjoy following along on our journey!

Van Build


Hi I'm Max, I used to work in London and in event production until we decided that we could work for ourselves and live on the road! 

I love planning and spreadsheets and cannot wait to share our very own 'How To' guide with you all. It is the mother of all budget sheets - you have been warned...

Converting a van has been a long term dream of mine and it is amazing to watch it finally come together - I hope you guys gain something by reading/watching our attempt and can someday complete your own conversion!

So for now I'm looking forward to the sunny days and the chance to meet new people, whilst being stuck inside a shed in the Midlands! Let's get this van built!

pretty sh*tty van van

Meet our very own Mercedes Vario 614D! 


Our pride and joy is a bit of beast - she used to be Theatre Company van, so had a crew cab and 7 passenger seats with a built in bulkhead. She was then converted into a mini race van - complete with ramps and car storage!


She is currently undergoing a massive conversion by yours truly and will eventually be our dream home on wheels!

Van Spec:

Mercedes Vario 614D

2006 plate

7.2m long 2.5m wide 3.0m high


All the geeky details are on our 'The Mercedes Vario' page. Follow the blog to see the full conversion.

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